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I'd like to say 'thank you' to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such a wonderful patient family base. It truly is an honor to be your doctor and serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care. Thank you.

Dr. Dee Stevens
Advanced Chiropractic of Blackfoot

Dr. Dee and his staff are amazing! He explains everything so well and tells you why he does certain things and what it does to help me. He has been so great getting me back on my feet. His staff were right on top of figuring out my insurance and gave me all of my different options to pay them. Most places just do whatever and surprise you with a bill. They laid it all out in front of me for the next 24 treatments. Amazing place!

Matthew Kulicke

Dr. Dee Stevens is a wonderful chiropractor, especially if you are pregnant. He specializes in the Webster Technique and was able to help me get my baby flipped from breach and ready to deliver. He was also able to help with all the typical aches and pains of pregnancy. His staff is wonderful and helpful and they create a wonderful atmosphere as well.​

- Johanna Keller Eggleston

I had another great adjustment with Dr Dee Stevens -- he always listens to my concerns, and makes sure that I am relaxed and that the adjustments are as comfortable as can be. I leave feeling great. Dr Dee cares about his patients, it's very obvious!

- Lisa Janey

I am over 60. I was falling apart. That was August 2016. December 2016, I am a new and younger woman! This review would be miles long if I went in to detail. I no longer walk with a "gimp" and my neck has amazing range of motion, without painful stiffness. I had my first massage this week and I feel even better, especially through my upper arms, shoulder joints and neck. I wish I would have started these treatments years ago!!!​

- Shellie Gutke

Advanced chiropractic has a very friendly environment and make you feel at home. I love that they show you the problem and create a treatment plan just for you. I would recommend this place to anyone.

- Kirstie Aguayo

Dr. Stevens has done an awesome job. Very very understanding and helpful. Best Chiropractic office in Blackfoot! I highly recommend him to everyone.

- Estella Flores

Dr. Dee and his staff are amazing. Every time I walk through the doors they call me by name and make me feel like family. Definitely the home town feel I like.

- Keis Jo

Dr. Dee and his staff are amazing! I'm really glad I was referred to headaches and neck pains were relieved almost 100% after just two visits!! They really take the time to explain and go over everything with you so you understand what's going on.

- Melissa Quitero

I have loved seeing Dr. Dee! Feel like a person and not just a number. It has helped me a lot to see the wonderful staff at Advanced Chiropractic!

- Arron A

Advanced Chiropractic is totally awesome! I've been seeing them for several months and have noticed a huge improvement. The staff is really professional and friendly.  They're definitely not out for your money. Dr. Dee cares about your health and you as an individual, not how much money he can get off of you.

- Jason Aikele

The staff at Advanced Chiropractic are wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Dee. He is honest, friendly and really listens. I feel so much better. I went in for some back and neck pain. They did X-rays before we started and I found out about problems that I was surprised to find. I plan to stay on the chiropractic wellness plan to help prevent further decline. I had also fractured my wrist about 5 months prior and had had surgery on it. Dr. Dee did more for reducing the swelling and improving my range of motion in a few short weeks than all of the therapy I have had over the past 5 months. I hadn't even gone in for that problem! Stacy is great to work with also. She is so friendly and makes sure you are comfortable. I knew up front what my options were and the cost. There were no surprises. They are like family. I will be staying with this office for my chiropractic needs!

- Denise Aikele

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