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Regenerative Medicine

Advanced Integrated Medical Center is pleased to offer regenerative medicine treatment options, the most cutting-edge therapies in the world. Regenerative medicine utilizes processes capable of replacing or regenerating damaged tissue to restore normal function and resolve the causes of pain. When we provide stem cell therapy, we are treating that patient with the most powerful healing cells in the world.


Stem cells answer an injured body’s calls for help transforming into whatever type of cell the body needs most. Thus arthritic conditions, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, and joint pain respond to this infusion of healing cells.


We utilize only the youngest and most vibrantly powerful healing cells available: cells harvested from umbilical cord tissue. These young cells have a far greater ability to respond to these calls for help than our own stem cells that have aged with us as we have aged. Aging cells are less effective than younger cells.


We also offer platelet-rich plasma treatments (PRP). The PRP process starts by concentrating the most vigorous healing components from our own blood. Introducing this concentrated fluid back into a painful or injured area, especially when combined with stem cell therapy, has enabled platelet-rich plasma We also offer many our patients to recover and discover a new pain-free and active life.

Blackfoot Idaho's Regenerative Medicine Clinic

We offer a combination of non-invasive regenerative medical treatments that aid and treat a myriad of conditions and chronic pain. Our goal is to help you make an educated decision about your healthcare and provide you with the most effective, non-invasive physical medicine treatments for acute and chronic pain conditions.


Our commitment to our patients has led us to develop Blackfoot's Regenerative Medicine Clinic that offers state-of-the-art pain management services using Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy, Neuropathy Treatment and Chiropractic Care.

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